Product Description
Our Confinement Herbs Package 28 has developed based on Wing Dang TCM 3R concept- Release (1st week) Replenish (2nd week) and Rejuvenate (3rd and 4th week).
This product is suitable for mothers with both cesarean and natural birth, as well as breastfeeding.

The Vegetarian Edition has adopted the pure and precious Chinese herbal medicine which does not include animal element. Vegetarian Edition contains 28 packs of herbal soup for daily consumption from Day 1 to Day 28.

These three types of editions are compatible with the same grade of Chinese herbal medicine.

All our SWS 28day's products can be safely taken by mothers who are born naturally, cut abdomen, breast-feeding / G6PD.

Cooking Method 
Day1生化汤 - By Gas Cooker : Use 3 bowls of water to boil until 1 bowl of water is left

Day 2-28 Method (1): By Slow Cooker :Use 2 and half bowls of water to boil for 3 hours  (can boil with or without meat) 

                Method (2): By Gas Cooker : Use 4 bowls of water to boil for 2 hours  (can boil with or without meat) 

Gold Edition Package :Cordyceps (Remember to consume) -Day 6, Day 13, Day 20 , Day 22

Just share a concept-Most of the mummy will purchase our premium edition confinement herbs together with our postnatal care capsule in order to achieve better effect. However, for those mummy who has higher budget will choose to purchase the gold edition together with our postnatal care capsule


The only traditional confinement in Malaysia that has
Western medical tests and Chinese medicine certification.

2023 latest inspection report and product certification.

The SWS 28day's confinement herbs are regularly tested for bacterial contamination, heavy metal and sulfur contamination to ensure that our customer can take the SWS 28 day's confinement herb with peace of mind.

In addition, the SWS 28day's confinement herbs prescriptions for confinement has also received a product certification issued to the SWS 28day's confinement herb by the Chinese Medical Association to prove that the confinement herbs medical formula is safe to take.

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