Stay In Confinement Essential

Milk Booster

Product DescriptionMama milk tea renamed to [SWS Milk Booster] It is of 100% organic herbs.NO artifi..

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Sold: 901

SWS Jian Yao jing

Product DescriptionSWS Herbal Mix with Red Dates Cordyceps & Eucommiae Cortex Essence ➕ Lip..

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Kampung Chicken Essence


S$55.90 - S$248.00 Ex Tax: S$55.90

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【Aged Hen】Kampung Chicken Essence


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SWS Care Capsule

Product Description Nourish and accelerate the repair of uterus after giving birth, strengthen ..

S$249.00 - S$938.00 Ex Tax: S$249.00

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Tiao Bu Yang Sheng Tea

Product DescriptionAsiabell Red Date Tea is a concentrated version of Asiabell Red Date Water with n..

S$69.90 - S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$69.90

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So Hup Wan

Product DescriptionSWS28 So Hup Wan have double ingredient so the the also is DOUBLE!Traditionally u..

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B-Rejuvenate Herb Packag

Product DescriptionOur Confinement Herbs Package 28 has developed based on Wing Dang TCM 3R concept-..

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