Product Description
Mama Herbal Bath is a formula passed on from generations to generations, and has undergone improvement to meet today’s needs. Its natural herbal ingredients are free from artificial colouring and preservative. The main fiction is maintain mummy body hygiene, eliminate germs on a sweaty body. Ginger is added to this herbal pack.

Helps to relax muscles and accelerate blood circulation, dispel dampness and avoid wind.
During confinement period, Mummy can use it to wipe body, relieve abdominal pain and also can use at foot bath to accelerate blood circulation.

For Wipe Body
Put 1 pack of Mama / Baby Herbal Bath into the “bath bucket / baby bathtub”, and then pour 1 pot of hot water, about 10-20 minutes later, take out the herbal pack, let the water reach the appropriate temperature of 37°C, then you can wipe your body, take a bath, wash your hair or bathe the baby. (The warm water from the water heater can be added if the water is not enough) ( 1Box have 10sachet )

Artemisia Argyi 10g
Cymbopogon Citratus 10g
Zingiber Officinale 5g
Verbena Officinalis 10g
Mentha Halplocalix 8g
Citrus Grandis 2g


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