Product Description
SWS Herbal Mix with Red Dates Cordyceps & Eucommiae Cortex Essence  Lipofer Iron
Specially created by traditional, the waist supplement formula is used,
and a new element “Lipofer Iron“ is added to enhance the effect of tonify the kidney
and conditioning the waist. NO 1 Lipofer Iron.


Relieve back pain, Conditioning blood circulation, Anti-fatigue, Anti-aging

Suitable for
Postpartum mother: The load on the lower back during pregnancy plus the energy and blood loss after giving birth
Office workers: Long-term sitting for a long time, back pain caused by sitting posture, stiff neck.
Middle-aged and elderly people: Years of energy and blood loss, coupled with slow metabolism, decreased hormone secretion, and premature aging

Not Suitable for 
*Pregnant women  

Taking Method
CONFINEMENT PERIOD / RELIEVE BACK PAIN - It is recommended to take one packet after breakfast and dinner for optimal effectiveness, twice a day.

HEALTH CARE Take one packet after breakfast or lunch, once per day.

Lipofer Iron
Cordyceps Sinensis
Red Jujube
Fenugreek Extract
Prune Dates



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